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August 6th 2016
-Summer Mini Sessions-

Mini Sessions are my absolute favorite. I get to see some of my favorite people and all in one day!
These types of sessions are perfect for little ones (toddler age) since their attention span is about a good 20 minutes max 😉

These mini’s were perfect. The weather was sunny with a lower temp for summer!
I am posting these in alphabetical order since it’s easier that way!

Alyssa, Coralin & Isaac

Poor little Coralin just wasn’t interested in me or this session. She wanted fries in hand, and mommy to hold her.
Isaac on the other hand was all about it and talking to me about dinosaurs I’ve never even heard of!

Plus Alyssa’s dress – OMG i want it! 2016-08-22_0009 2016-08-22_0010 2016-08-22_0011 2016-08-22_0012 2016-08-22_0013 2016-08-22_0014

Next up:
Andrea & her hubs

Andrea came in an amazing lularoe dress and ready to have fun! Her hubs was on standby but I made him get in a few 😉
These two remind me of myself & my husband! We love cats!
2016-08-22_0015 2016-08-22_0016 2016-08-22_0017 2016-08-22_0018

Next up:
The Gianninos!
Heather – Tony – Gavin & baby Addie!

This was the first time I was able to meet Addie. She was a little ham for photos ! Gavin is such an awesome big brother always wanting to give her little kisses 😉

2016-08-22_0019 2016-08-22_0020 2016-08-22_0021 2016-08-22_0022 2016-08-22_0023 2016-08-22_0024 2016-08-22_0025 2016-08-22_0026 Oh Oh – It’s the Lewis CREW!
Quinn – Regan & Connor

Seriously this family has been with me since I can remember. From Regan telling me they were planning on a family at their first couple session together with their 2 weiner doggies,
to Connor’s newborn session and all the sessions in between! Love this little crew <3

2016-08-22_0027 2016-08-22_0028 2016-08-22_0029 2016-08-22_0030 2016-08-22_0031 2016-08-22_0032 2016-08-22_0033 2016-08-22_0034

It’s the MUSE’S!!
Ashley – Wyatt & Griffin

I hadn’t seen this trio since little G-man turned 1! We did a cute little session out on his family’s farm, with a tractor and everything!!
He grew so tall for only being 3!

2016-08-22_0035 2016-08-22_0036 2016-08-22_0037 2016-08-22_0038 2016-08-22_0039 2016-08-22_0040 2016-08-22_0041

Now we have the Probst’s!
Angela – Joe – Gavin & Grayson
We had the most fun time letting the 2 littles run around! I hadn’t seen them since Gavin was only a few months old!
Oh and of course when photographing mom & dad, you make sure they get a few alone without the littles in there 😉

2016-08-22_0042 2016-08-22_0044 2016-08-22_0045 2016-08-22_0046 2016-08-22_0047 2016-08-22_0048

And I’ve saved the BEST for last 😉
The muthaflippin WILEY’S!!!!! <3
Mandy – Marshal & Clayton!

This trio, oh MAN! We have had some fun!
I met them waaaaaaay back in the day I feel since little C was born, from his newborn session
to all the other sessions in between. I’m so happy to call the Wiley’s dear friends!
They helped me move, and shared a secret family location for photoshoots 😉

2016-08-22_0049 2016-08-22_0050 2016-08-22_0051 2016-08-22_0052 2016-08-22_0053 2016-08-22_0054 2016-08-22_0055 2016-08-22_0056 2016-08-22_0057

The FALL MINI’S are booking up fast, so if you’d like a family session
with some fun fall colors – send me an email!


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