The Spellmans {couple} | Decatur, IL Couple Photographer

Meet Terra & Ryan
and their two super adorable furbabies: Seiren & Scylla

Seiren is a 2 and a half year Bloodhound.
Scylla is a 1 year old boxer.
Both ladies, and they adore each other!

Terra and Ryan were super amazing to photograph, super photogenic and one hott couple!
The bugs were biting like crazy on our day, but the weather was nothing short of amazing. The sun
was shining and the frogs ribeting!

This was their first session (after getting married) they have done and their first with the 2 furbabies!
Getting photographs is one of my most favorite things to do throughout the year with my husband and our furbabies, so I encourage EVERYONE to do
it at least once a year to keep updated <3

I hope you all enjoy these images as I had taking them! Terra & Ryan – YOU ARE AMAZING!
And I hope Ryan got that steak 😉

If you’re interested in a summer couples session (or any other session) Please send me an email!!!

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