Zane {1 year } | Decatur, IL Baby Photographer

This is Zane.
One cute, chubby little fella.

Oh my goodness this session was crazy fun! We started out in the studio with his
little “man suit” and worked our way down to naked baby!! He was looking
so fly! He didn’t feel up for a lot of smiles in the studio, even with all of the
tricks his mommy & I had up our sleeves!

Later that evening (though a little chilly) We ended up out at Rock Springs
and the sunset was amazing. The tee-pee (as requested) was just amazing outside!
Made by: Twine & Timber (local vendor)

So many smiles from Zane once we started, he loved the grass and also ate a little bit – babies love anything
that can fit LOL!

So this was a first for me, one of my little babies LOVED THE CAKE! He touched it, picked it up, put his face in it,
ate it from the ground. Zane couldn’t get enough! One of the best cake smashes yet!

I’m over the moon excited to show you his best moments (and a ton of bloopers)

If you have a baby that is turning one and you’d like to schedule a cake smash – SEND ME AN EMAIL!!

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L~ F~:

Beautiful child! These pictures are priceless!

Mary Miller

Love all of these pictures! What an adorable little guy!!

Judy Hubbard

Natalie, You’ve done a wonderful job of portraying our Zane! Your ability to come up with such unusual poses and settings is amazing! Great job!!

Kelly Pistorius

Absolutely adorable!

Jon Hubbard

Love these pictures of Zane!

kim goodbrake

Awsome pix. Such a cutie…

Judy Hubbard

GREAT pictures of Zane!

Pat Moore

These pictures are so good. Zane has the biggest smile!!

Abby Foley

What a cutie!

Noelle bowman

So adorable!!! Love him

Katie B

Look at him discovering the cupcake! So cute!

Michelle Tucker

GREAT pictures…easy to do with BEAUTIFUL subjects!!!


Very cute morgan!

Lisa chase

These are so adorable. I can’t believe he is one already!!!! He is going to be a heart breaker!


Absolutely adorable great pics!!!

Melissa O'Dear

He is so adorable!!

Jami Warnick

These pictures are so freaking cute

Lauren Edwards

Wonderful pictures! He’s such a cutie!

Taylor Vaux

Look at those cheeks! What a cutie!


Absolute perfection! 🙂


Morgan he is absolutely adorable! Fantastic photos!

Ruth Bolt

Zane is a cutie. Love those pictures.

Jean Ann Howse

What a cute little stud muffin! Love the pictures of him and his mommy!

Leslie Campbell

Cutest kid ever!

Debbie Hubbard

Oohhhhh my babyyy papoose! !! Worst part about these pictures. how will I ever decide which are my favorites! !! LOVE EM’!!! He should be a baby model! ! Love them!

Tanya Lewis

Lovely! Lovely! Photos!! (:

marla washburn

This baby is adorable! I love the photo with his little bottom lip sticking out. Not a bad picture in the bunch! Morgan is still as gorgeous as she has ever been! There is no wonder why Zane is as cute as he is!


love them all. The teepee is awesome, but I love the ones with momma!! Such beautiful lighting and love the way Zane is holding onto Morgan’s arm. How are you ever going to choose?!

Tiffany Rohman

So cute!!! I love them!!!

Traci Walsh

He is so cute! I can only imagine what fun it was to edit these! I love his suspenders & tie! It would be hard to pick a favorite but the one of him up in the air in the sunset is amazing! Great job on all of them! Good luck to mom picking her favorites! Just go with 3 of each!

karen beck



too cute!


Zane is adorable! Love all the photos! He’s a handsome little guy!

Gather Warnsley

This is one handsome young man. I absolutely love all of these pictures.

Jessica Herbert

These are so cute!! Love him!

Megan Schaefer

He is so handsome! My faves are little man with mom in the sunset; breathtaking!

Dana woolsey

The cutest little model ever, love them all!

Destiny Watkins

Too cute! Love all the pictures!!


So adorable. He growing up fast


Love him! He’s sooooo adorable!

Lori T

Oh my goodness how can you not love all of them! Morgan you are absolutely stunning and Zane is undeniably adorable!

Katilyn Nihiser

Great pictures!! It’s going to be hard to pick!

june allen

Such a handsome little boy! All these are adorable, but I really love the one with the tee pee!

Maddy Trudeau

He is the cutest

k patton

Gorgeous little boy and such fun pics!

lynn starner

What a cutie!

Meghan Cox

These pictures turned out sooo cute! <3 u Zane!


These are amazing! He is adorable!

Tara A. Jaukkuri

The one’s in the bathtub are priceless….he’s perfect

Morgan Cox

Yay, love them all so much! You did an absolutely wonderful job. Thanks so much, Natalie!

Audria Doty

These pictures are amazing

Jill Lewis

Zane is such a sweetie and those are some amazing, gorgeous photos!! Love, love, love them!! Hard to pick a favorite but the one with Zane and the little TP is adorable!!


OMG!! They are all soo good!! Handsome lil man he is!! 🙂

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